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The shift towards delayed pregnancy is a multifaceted trend influenced by changing priorities, economic factors, advancements in reproductive medicine, social shifts, and a greater focus on health and wellness. While this trend has various implications for individuals and society as a whole, it also reflects the evolving nature of family planning and the importance of personal choice. As individuals continue to make informed decisions about when to start their families, society must adapt to support them in their unique journeys towards parenthood.
As summer in Switzerland has been rather disappointing, you might consider sneaking in another trip in fall to a sunny place, before winter returns.  
We know that planning holidays can be daunting when you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, especially for first-time parents. Your baby’s first flight or road trip can be as momentous as their first steps or first solid food, and like all those milestones, parents can feel a little nervous beforehand. We get it. 
Good news: with a little planning and the right gear, traveling with a baby or toddler will be easier than you think.  
That’s why we have curated traveling essentials for you as well as some traveling tips from parents. 
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