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Traveling with a baby or toddler

As summer in Switzerland has been rather disappointing, you might consider sneaking in another trip in fall to a sunny place, before winter returns.  
We know that planning holidays can be daunting when you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, especially for first-time parents. Your baby’s first flight or road trip can be as momentous as their first steps or first solid food, and like all those milestones, parents can feel a little nervous beforehand. We get it. 
Good news: with a little planning and the right gear, traveling with a baby or toddler will be easier than you think.  
That’s why we have curated traveling essentials for you as well as some traveling tips from parents. 

Curated traveling essentials found in the GAIA Membership section

Be it the Artipoppe, Ergobaby or Little Wombat - we have you covered. A baby carrier is important because walking up the stairs with a stroller, a baby and luggage is impossible without help. 
You do not want to finally see some sun and pack the swimsuit only to realise it doesn't fit anymore because your little one has grown out of it. Rent your favourite swimsuit now and return it after holidays.
Fred's Swimtrainer
Fred's Swimtrainer is a must-have if your little one is just starting out to enjoy the water. Keep him or her in there safe and you can all enjoy the holidays.
Liewood Beach Set
Make sure your little one finds some time to play at the beach with his or her new favourite toy! The beach set has it all - fun for the entire family.
Mammut Backpack
Your little one loves being a grown up and wants to carry his or her own essentials. Make them happy!

Curated traveling essentials from the One-Time Rental section

THE essential, regardless if you are traveling by plane or by car. It is even possible to take it inside the airplane as carry-on luggage. Super lightweight and easy to carry with the strap over the shoulder. Don't miss out! 
Babyzen Yoyo Bag
The YOYO bag can be folded in seconds. Hang it on the YOYO stroller and be able to carry additional 10kg without effort thanks to its wheel. 
Visiting your in-laws? Going to a hotel unannounced? Don't forget to bring the Stokke Travel Bed. The bed is light-weight and can be set up and folded with a single movement. 
Planning on going for a hike? Don't forget the Osprey Hiking Backpack and easily carry your child with you. They will love it and so will you.

Tips from our GAIA Community mothers

Katarina: "The Travel Stroller from Babyzen is key, but you should also bring a baby carrier because not all airports are equipped with lifts."
Anna: "Don't forget to bring snacks (including your own :) ) and if possible, travel during the nap times."
Carrier: "Take only the necessary and do not pack too much - you can easily get overwhelmed if you do."
Michela: "If you use the Babyzen Yoyo - do not forget to bring the stroller bag to pack it up. Else you may not be allowed inside the airplane."

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