Book by Danielle Geraf: Das gewünschteste Wunschkind aller Zeiten treibt mich in den Wahnsinn

This book is in German!

Does the child NEVER want to go to bed? And walking up and down stairs is out of the question? Instead of getting fits of rage themselves, parents would be better off reading this book. The authors of Germany's largest parenting blog show how to calm your own nerves and your child at the same time. The defiance age is the first hot phase in the life with the new generation. Hardly it stands on its own legs, the child begins to strive for autonomy. The little sunshine becomes a plate-throwing rage monster and deeply unsettles its parents. The authors encourage children to follow paths away from the classic upbringing with firm limits and strict consequences. They explain what is going on in children and why phases of defiance are important developmental phases that parents should actively accept instead of suppressing. The witty personal experience reports, practical tips and the latest findings from science and research are balm for the soul of stressed parents.

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