Leander - Changing Mat

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So simple, yet so unique. The Leander Matty™ changing mat sets new standards for the concept of a changing space. The revolutionary changing pad is made of the softest PUR molded foam - a unique material that adapts very quickly to room temperature and gives your child a skin-on-skin feeling when they lie on it. That's something very special. The changing mat is sleek and modern in design, extremely durable and remains hygienic even after many years of daily use. The Leander Matty™ changing mat has no crevices or seams, the surface is water repellent, easy to clean and even disinfect. 

Matty™ has a solid bottom so it can easily be placed wherever it is needed, such as on a dresser, on the floor, or even in the back seat of the car when traveling. Rubber feet on the bottom prevent slipping and provide enough air circulation to prevent marks from forming on the base. 

Matty™ is tested and certified as suitable for babies.

Winner of the German Design Award 2019.

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