Puckababy - Swaddle Bag

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Most babies like things to be uncluttered. They feel comfortable in the recurring cycle of sleep - feed - cuddle; a regularity that is attuned to their own needs. This regularity is particularly encouraged by the Puckababy, a special sleeping bag for the first few months. The additional security gives the baby peace of mind. The deep sleep helps process stimuli and alleviate colic.

What exactly is the Puckababy?

The Puckababy is a special sleeping bag for the first months of life that reduces the space around the baby. It forms a kind of cocoon, which gives a feeling of safety and security. The Puckababy consists of an outer sack with an inner vest that prevents the baby from sliding down. The range of motion is restricted, which automatically makes it easier for your baby to rest.

The Puckababy sleeping bag nestles around your baby like a beautiful and secure cocoon. It provides confinement, but also still leaves room for the healthy development of the baby's body. The Puckababy is easy to use, so everyone can handle it!

Because of the simple but great effect of the cocoon, your baby sleeps well and is rested when he wakes up. Your baby is content and the sleep and hunger signals become clearer. The sleepless nights and the feeling of powerlessness because you can't help will soon be over.


  • 100% cotton

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