Reer - Changing Table Heater

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The Reer 2-in-1 changing table radiant heater provides soothing instant warmth and protects against cooling and colds. In infants, heat regulation via the skin is not yet fully developed. The child's body temperature drops as soon as the air in the environment cools down. Therefore, the little ones are quickly exposed to hypothermia and need help, especially in the first months of life, to feel completely comfortable.

Thanks to the stand, the radiant heater can be placed anywhere in the room.
However, the included mounting plate also makes it convenient to attach to the wall above the changing table.

With one pull on the cord, the radiant heater is switched on in no time. With another pull, one of two different heat levels can be selected or the device can be switched off. With the switchable automatic switch-off, the device switches off automatically after 10 minutes. For this function, you only need to operate the timer on the bottom of the device.

The heating head is adjustable up to 50° and thus ensures that the heat radiation can be directed precisely and evenly.

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