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  1. July 2021

Terms and Conditions - Gaia Children


  1. scope
  2. Object of the contract
  3. Contract partner
  4. conclusion of a contract
  5. Sign up
  6. Conditions and usage rights

6.1 rental period

6.2 Purchase of the rented goods

  1. Prices, shipping and packaging costs

7.1 Rental price

7.2 Costs for shipping

7.3 Packing costs

  1. payment

8.1 Payment options

8.2 Automatic extension of the monthly rental period

  1. delivery
  2. property
  3. condition of goods
  4. Quality control and shortcomings at the rental property
  5. Ensuring and use of the lease by the customer

13.1 Warranty

13.2 Product Care

13.3 Improper treatment and non-compliance with care

13.4 Loss of the goods

  1. Condition of the rental object
  2. Return of the hospitality
  3. Right to resign
  4. Exclusion of liability
  5. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
  6. Deviating agreements / changes

  1. scope

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions"), in which version valid at the time of the order, apply to all deliveries and services of the provider Gaia Children (hereinafter "Gaia"). For reasons of better readability, only the female form is used, but are equally male and female customers.

The order is made by the customer via the online shop www.gaia-children.com or www.gaia-children.ch and in written form (u.a. via SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail, contact form on the website or post). With their order, the customer explains their consent with these terms and conditions. Deviating agreements require written form to their effectiveness. This offer is valid as long it's in stock.

Conditions of customers who contradict these terms and conditions are ineffective.

  1. Contract

The subject of the contract is the rental or the sale and the associated delivery of baby & children's articles, including clothing (Gaia services "). Gaia offers the rental of individual articles for rent. The selection of the individual items takes place by the customer. In case of return and exchange (after each month possible), the articles must be completely returned. The GAIA service is subject to a monthly recurring payment by the customer.

  1. Contract partner

The rental or purchase contract is concluded between

Gaia Children

C / O Laura Lussi

Weinmanngasse 52

8700 Küsnacht

and the customer.

  1. Conclusion of a contract

The information in the online shop does not provide a legally binding offer, but a non-binding request to the customer, to submit a binding order (application for the conclusion of a contract) (Invitatio Ad Offerendum). The appointment of a customer represents an application with which the will to conclude a contract is bindingly explained. This application is adopted by GAIA by ordering in the online shop or in other written form (in particular SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail, contact form on the website or post). The correspondence takes place in German or English.

  1. Sign up

To order services via the online shop, registration is required as a customer. Registration must be opened an account that contains a valid address and credit card. The customer assures that the information provided by it is truthful and complete. If personal data change, the customer is responsible for updating the changed data in your user account. All changes can be made online after the first registration. GAIA stores the data entered in the customer database in accordance with the privacy policy. The data is used for order processing and billing.

  1. Conditions and usage rights

6.1 rental period

The rental period begins on the date of the order. The lease can be canceled anytime within a period of one month. In order for the termination takes effect, all rented items must be returned within 5 days after the termination date and received by GAIA. Thus, the minimum rental period is one month.

6.2 purchase of leased

GAIA offers the opportunity to purchase rental equipment during the rental period at an extra cost. The amount of each purchase price is calculated according to the current monetary value of the individual items. The customer must be notified GAIA buying interest by e-mail (info@gaia-children.com).

7.0 Shipping and packaging costs

7.1 Rental price

The rent is determined by GAIA and on the website ( www.gaia-children.com or www.gaia-children.ch) published. Whichever is specified at time of order rent for the lease.

7.2 Returns

The shipping and return shipping costs borne by the customer. Shipping from 50 CHF value of goods is free for the customer.

7.3 Packing costs

GAIA takes over the packaging costs for shipping the goods. For returns, the customer must use the same package that was used for the delivery. The package is intended for multiple use.

  1. payment

8.1 Payment options

GAIA offers the option of paying by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex).

8.2 Automatic extension of the monthly rental period

GAIA, the hire of the items every month on the same date of entry into force of the subscription.

The subscription can be canceled by the customer within a period of one month to the date of the original subscription commencement.

  1. delivery

usually the delivery was for a period of 5 business days after receipt of order. The delivery area is limited to Switzerland.

  1. property

The rented goods remain the property of GAIA.

  1. condition of goods

GAIA rented both new and used items. The same applies to items purchased.

  1. Quality control and defects of the hired items

The items are professionally cleaned by GAIA before shipping and tested for quality.

The customer agrees to perform a quality control immediately after receipt of the goods and report any defects to a maximum of 48 hours of receiving the order by e-mail to GAIA (info@gaia-children.com). the customer does not respond within the time limit set in GAIA, so it is assumed that the goods supplied are free of defects.

  1. Warranty and use of the property by the customer

13.1 Warranty

If the operating or maintenance instructions are not observed by the customer, there is no warranty. This is true even if the defect is caused by improper use, storage and handling of goods by the customer. Insignificant deviations from the warranted characteristics of the goods do not trigger any warranty rights. A liability for normal wear and tear. Warranty claims against GAIA are entitled only to the direct customer and are not transferable.

13.2 Product Care

The Customer undertakes to treat the rented goods according to the care instructions.

13.3 Improper treatment and non-compliance with care

GAIA reserves the right to calculate the monetary value of the goods to return if the customer does not observe the care instructions and the rental items are not subject to existing or timely notice of defects (see paragraph 12 "Quality control and shortages of rental items").

Normal wear items are excluded.

13.4 Loss of the goods

The customer is liable for the loss of the rental object during the rental period. As soon as a garment has been lost, the customer has to report this Gaia by e-mail (info@gaia-children.com). Gaia reserves the right to charge the new value of the articles.

If Gaia does not receive the complete articles in the return and has not received a loss report, Gaia assumes that the customer wants to buy the missing articles. The customer will be charged accordingly. 

If a product is not returned and there is no receipt from the post office with the correct information, the product will be billed in full. 

  1. Condition of the rental sites

Deviations in color and shape of the hospitality related to the presentation on the website can not be excluded.

  1. Return of the hospitality

The customer can freely choose the duration of renting according to his personal needs. However, it is at least one month. As soon as the items are no longer needed, this must be reported by the customer to GAIA.

Upon receipt of the order, Gaia usually sends the new articles within 5 working days. The customer in turn has 5 working days to return the no longer needed articles to GAIA.

The return address of GAIA is:

Gaia Children

C / O Laura Lussi

Weinmanngasse 52

8700 Küsnacht

After receiving the goods by GAIA, the returned goods are tested for completeness and quality.

  1. Exclusion of liability

Insofar as the statutory provisions allow, the liability for damages, for whatever legal reason, is excluded. In particular, there is no liability for damage, indirect damage or consequential damages caused by auxiliary persons.

  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Swiss law applies. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

  1. Deviating agreements / changes

Changes to the provisions of the contractual relationship can be carried out by consultation between GAIA and the customer and must be made in writing.

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