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Laura Lussi

I'm Laura - a warm, energetic and cheerful person who loves new challenges. I grew up in Zurich and Singapore and also lived in Hong Kong, Beijing and London until I settled back in my beautiful hometown Zurich in 2015. After completing my Masters in Banking and Finance in St. Gallen, I started my career in investment banking in foreign exchange. After 10 years in the industry, I thought it was finally time to dedicate my life and time to a cause I truly believe in, and to do some good in the process: The creation of my company "GAIA Children". The idea for GAIA was born during the first Coronavirus Lockdown in 2020, and it stuck with me until I decided to quit my job and venture into uncharted territory a year later.
I am not a mum yet and right now my baby is my business, which I am constantly trying to improve and develop. I appreciate any constructive feedback and ideas you have, just email me at
Thank you for being part of the GAIA community.
With much love,


GAIA, what does it mean?

Before I could speak properly, I used to point at myself and say "Gaia". Then, in the first years of my life, I called myself Gaia (my real name is Laura). Interestingly, in Greek mythology, Gaia is also the personification of the earth and the mother of all life. This was clearly fate, and so the name GAIA Children emerged.

Our Vision

GAIA Children is a start-up focused on the circular economy. GAIA was founded out of a need for a more sustainable baby and children's industry. Children's clothing, toys and accessories create so much waste that we are trying to do our part to save the planet. It's a win-win for parents and the environment.

GAIA aims to create a convenient service where we rent rather than own. GAIA rents out baby and children products as a monthly rental model. The way the baby and children industry is currently set up is not sustainable. Babies and children only use products for
a short period of time, creating a lot of waste. GAIA's goal is to rethink buying behavior and offer a more convenient and sustainable form of consumption: Renting instead of buying. By creating a circular economy model for renting, we can reduce waste, maximize the life of products, save time and simplify our lives.

GAIA is about what YOU need as (new) parents or parents-to-be. Our goal is to make your life as easy and smooth as possible, stress-free and colorful. That's also why our collection is not limited to what you see on the website. If you want to rent products that you don't see in our store, just let us know and we'll be happy to take a look. We will take care of everything,
while you rent and enjoy.


Laura Lussi
8700 Küsnacht

+41 76 583 20 88

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